Bryston 4B3 cubed series amplifier reviews

Bryston cubed blue led

As a Bryston enthusiast I have had the opportunity to listen to the new Bryston Cubed series in various setups. ( Speakers, preamps, cables etc)

My favourite from the cubed series, the 4B3 with regard to price and performance is reviewed by numerous audio sites and magazines and I have collected some of these reviews.

First my own brief summary of the  improvements of the Bryston Cubed series over the SST2.

  • More depth and soundstage
  • More detail in low frequencies
  • Overall more relaxed and quiet background
  • Dynamics are improved
  • Voices have an more emotional involving fuller sound.

And now we can have the blue led

For colors  and options check bryston-4b 3 collors and options 

The Inner Ear Magazine – Discover High End

The 4B Cubed is one of the few amplifiers of which I know where careful listening and a good system set-up can transport one from the doldrums of merely good to the rank of excellence.

Heavy Metal Fantasies: The Beautiful Bryston Limited 4B³ Stereo Power Amplifier – Positive Feedback

Those of you who haven’t heard a Bryston power amp in say, the last five or six years, really owe it to yourself (and to the late Dr. Ioan Alexandru Salomie) to hear what this new generation of sonic stalwarts has to offer. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you hear. Even if you decide at the end of the day that the Bryston sound isn’t your cup of tea, I think you’d be hard-pressed to claim with any honesty that this isn’t a damn fine sounding power amplifier.

Bryston 4B3 (Cubed Series) Amplifier Review | CANADA HiFi Magazine

Bryston has always aimed at producing equipment that is faithful to the recording, however the 4B3 goes far beyond this by being faithful to the soul of the music. Yes, it’s endowed with muscle; it is quick, dynamic, transparent, and has an iron grip of the frequency extremes but what makes the 4B3 most special is its finesse – able to conjure subtleties that engender realism.

SoundStage! Hi-Fi | – The Best of CES 2016

PAST – SST2 models have long been held in high regard including by SoundStage! Network writers … PRESENT – I suspect that the 4B3 will remain the sweet spot in the new line.

… each model offers exceptional sound quality at a very reasonable price … and is backed by a 20-year warranty.


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