How to update the Chord Electronics Poly to version 2.0.0 firmware

Poly firmware 2.0.0

The Chord Poly has been around  for a while and has a loyal an enthusiastic users.

With  the new Poly to version 2.0.0 firmware is promises to have a better user experience and interface.  The big updates also include Tidal, Qobuz and Roon Ready Certification.

If you already have the Chord Electronics Poly check out the instructions for updating


The only downside is you would like to connect the Chord Poly to any DAC as an high end Streamer,  maybe Chord Electronics  will come with a universal streamer in the future .

The Chord Hugo 2 was also released and I wonder if there will be a solution for streaming to this DAC also, maybe  we will hear more at the High End 2019 in Munich.

At the forum, they cannot stop talking about it, so for the long read and opinions check out the forum

What does it actually do?

  • Its streams Audio files from local storage (MicroSD)  and network  (Nas, Computer etc) (DSD  and PCM)
  • Its connects to your streaming accounts at Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz etc
  • Its a great Roon Ready endpoint


  • Bluetooth A2DP, WiFi

Chord Poly Supported services

  • Roon, DLNA, Airplay and Bluetooth


Summing up all capabilities doesn’t give a real feeling about what this player actually can do.  You need to experience it yourself otherwise you would not believe it.

A short description of the Chord poly

The small  and really portable sized Chord Mojo DAC/Headphone amp is arguably one of the best portable audio devices around, so why not add  all streaming features  people can ask for.

The Poly is a networking device which adds streaming, network and SD card playback to the Mojo.

For current Chord Mojo owners it adds incredible versatile streaming options to an already very nice portable DAC.


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