Cayin N6ii available for demo and orders in The Netherlands,

Cayin N6ii aka Cayin N6MK2

Cayin successfully launched the all-new Cayin N6 mk2  and the Cayin N8 at the High End in Munich.  Some lucky reviewers are already listening to the Cayin N6II and the Cayin N8

For inquiries, auditioning and orders for the all-new Cayin N6ii DAP in The Netherlands contact us at. “”  (auditioning showrooms in Amsterdam, Haarlem and adding new dealers in the near future)  The Cayin N6II is also now available for orders

Cayin N6ii DAP

At head-fi review and tech sites, people are raving about the possibilities and sound of the new Cayin N6ii DAP, (Digital Audio player). Sometimes referred to as Cayin N6 mk2

Cayin brand 

The Cayin brand is a part of  Zhuhai Spark Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. and was founded in 1993. Famous for High-End Audio components especially based on their  tube amplifiers, started in 2013 with design and production of a series of portable headphone products and Digital Audio Players (DAP)

With the introduction of the Cayin N6II and Cayin appointed as their Dutch distributor. Glorious Sound promotes and sells all  Portable Audio equipment made by Cayin, but the firts focus will be both the Cayin N6ii and the reference TOTL Cayin N8 alongside the praised Cayin N5ii.

In Europe reviewers such as Lieven at were amongst the first to get there hands (and ears) on the all-new Cayin N6ii.  

Streaming Tidal, Qobuz and Spotify and more with the Cayin N6ii DAP

The Cayin N6ii is the latest Android 8.1 based Digital Audio Player. Complete with the  Google Play pre-installed and bypassing the Android system for audio with Direct Transport Audio (DTA). 

With the introduction of Android Oreo, it opened up possibilities for audio players the make use of everything the Google Play Store has to offer.    Options like apps for Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Cloud-based music and Chromecast, etc. are all available  

First DAP with a user-replaceable Audio Motherboard 

Borrowing some of the design of the flagship, top of the line Cayin N8 the new Cayin N6ii has a unique approach compared to other high ends DAP’s by iBasso, Astell & Kern, Fiio and Sony. 

The Cayin N6ii  has a completely upgradable “entire audio motherboard”. This Audio Motherboard consists of the DAC and analog amplification circuit and is user-replaceable without any hassle.  

Cayin user-replaceable Audio Motherboard
Cayin user-replaceable Audio Motherboard


Can a Digital Audio Player like the Cayin N6ii play native DSD? 

YES,  The Cayin Plays native DSF, DIFF and also SACD-ISO files.  So ps3 rips and the all Native DSD collection downloads. 

A complete list of Cayin N6ii  supported Audio formats: 

Cayin N6ii Supported Music Format
Format Bit-Rate Sampling Freq.
DSD DSF 1bit 2.8MHz – 11.2MHz
DIFF 1bit 2.8MHz – 11.2MHz
SACD-ISO 1 bit 2.8MHz
PCM WAV 16bit – 64bit 8kHz – 384kHz
AIF/AIFF 16bit – 24bit 8kHz – 384kHz
FLAC 16bit – 24bit 8kHz – 192kHz
M4A (ALAC) 16bit – 24bit 8kHz – 192kHz
APE (Fast) 16bit – 24bit 32kHz – 384kHz
APE (Normal) 16bit – 24bit 32kHz – 384kHz
APE (High) 16bit – 24bit 32kHz – 384kHz
APE (Extra High) 16bit – 24bit 32kHz – 96kHz
APE (Insane) 16bit – 24bit 32kHz – 96kHz
WMA Lossless 16bit – 24bit 8kHz – 96kHz
WMA 16bit – 24bit 8kHz – 96kHz
MP3 8bit – 16bit 8kHz – 48kHz
AAC 8bit – 16bit 8kHz – 48kHz
OGG 8bit – 16bit 8kHz – 48kHz
OPUS 16bit 8kHz – 48kHz

Remarks : 

Native, DoP, and D2P (convert to PCM 88.2kHz), support DST encoded

Support CUE and LRC, 64kHz Sampling not supported


How can you connect your headphones, earphones / in-ear Monitors, active speakers or home audio components?  

The Cayin works with single-ended and balanced with  3.5 mm and 4.4 mm, for both headphones as a line-out. 

One other very convenient feature is de USB Audio In or Out and the i2s OUT.  So the DAP can also be used in a High-End system as a source with an external DAC. 

Specification Cayin N6ii (spec sheet)
Chassis Sandblasted CNC Aluminum
Display 4.2″ 768×1280 IPS multi-point touch screen
Back Panel Tempered Glass
Net Weight -290g (with A01 Audio Motherboard)
Dimension 121,70 mm * 21mm (excluding volume knob)
MCU Snapdragon 425
Memory 4GB DDR3
Storage 64GB +TF ( tested 512GB )
WiFi 2.4G/5G, OTA supported
Bluetooth v4.2: SBC, AAC, aptX, LDAC (Transmitter mode)
Battery 3.7v 5900mAH (21.8Wh)
Duration With A01 motherboard : 14 hrs (3.5mm) 13 hrs (4.4mm)
Charging 5V2A and QC3.0
Physical Control Volume knob, playback control buttons
USB Type C: Charging, OTG, Digital Audio
Headphone 3.5mm + 4.4mm Balanced
Digital i2S, USB Audio (in/out), Coaxial (embedded)
Line Out 3.5mm Dedicated) 4.4mm (Shared)
System Customized Android 8.1
Lossless DTA bypass Android SRC
Google Play Preinstalled
Bundled Applications Cayin Music; HiBy Music HiByLink support


More information,  videos,  pictures will follow

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